Ming Tang

Understanding Earth Through Chemistry

Ming Tang at Grand Canyon


  • Graduate student highlight of me published on GeoGram, 2015, the annual department newsletter of UMD Geology. It was written by my Ph.D. advisors Roberta and Bill. Roberta interviewed me for an hour before writing this highlight. See here on page 2.


  • Press release for my 2016 Science paper on crustal evolution and plate tectonics. There are other versions out there but this one is the best. The scientific writer, Matt Early Wright, interviewed Roberta and me before writing the story. See here.


  • Press release for O’Neil and Carlson’s 2017 Science paper on Archean crustal evolution. Their findings support our 2016 Science paper model. I was invited to comment and quoted in the press release. See here.


  • Press release for my 2018 Science Advances paper on the formation of Fe depleted continental crust. I didn’t reallize it is actually a quite complicated story until the science writer, Jade Boyd, who wrote this release, interviewed Cin-Ty and me, and did a good job writing the story up in an acurate and friendly way. Now there are quite several versions of press online. For example, see ScienceDaily, livescience or IFLScience. Our story also got the top billing on NSF’s daily newsletter (Science360). See here.


  • Press release for my 2019 Nature Communications paper on the missing Nb in the continental crust. This was also highlighted by the Geochemical Society top news. See here.